In the life of modern man, the notion of “medical tourism” has become firmly established. In fact, we are talking about a unique opportunity to combine pleasant with useful, i.e. rest abroad with obtaining the necessary highly qualified medical care, including cheсk-up, in-depth diagnostics, complex treatment and rehabilitation.

So, for example, while on vacation abroad, a person can make an excellent investment in their health and pass a preventive examination, or chekk-up, which will eliminate the presence of pathology, or at the earliest stages diagnose a beginning dangerous disease that has not yet been able to openly declare about it.

It is no secret that among the people of our country today the most popular countries for medical tourism are India, Germany, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, the United States and South Korea, to their medical facilities for routine preventive examinations (standard “check-up” “Cheсk-up” for women (gynecological examination), “cheсk-up” for men), in-depth focused diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment, comprehensive rehabilitation.

Currently, treatment in foreign clinics is full Russian-language support, the translation of medical documentation and presentation at a medical consultation to assess the current clinical situation, the development of a personal protocol of examination and treatment that meets the strictest international standards, consultations of well-known professors, etc.

The status of one of the best and most effective in the world has for many, many years, German medicine, for which, in principle, nothing is impossible. High-quality medical institutions operating throughout Germany have the latest medical technologies and equipment. Experienced doctors with all the pedantry inherent in this nation, at the highest level, conduct diagnostics and treatment of a variety of diseases, including rare pathologies and extremely neglected cases.

Queues – a fairly rare phenomenon in hospitals in Germany. Perhaps the only disadvantage of treatment in this country is that there is no such thing as “free medicine”, and medical services are one of the most expensive in the world, and therefore those who live in Germany or come here are very important and even necessarily have medical insurance (by the way, for obtaining a visa, its availability is usually an essential condition). Most often, foreign citizens receive medical care in paid and privately, unless a two-sided free medical service agreement has been signed between their home country and Germany. However, in this case, some nuances are possible, for example, it is quite possible that the patient will have to pay for himself some medicines, etc.

Nevertheless, high prices fully correspond to the quality of medical care and the level of medical services in Germany. Authoritative specialists of all directions of modern medicine are available in this country in the framework of medical tourism. Medical practice in Germany is inseparably linked with scientific research conducted in university clinics. Thanks to a powerful technical base, German medicine is actively developing in all sectors, but the central ones are:

-cardiology and cardiosurgery;

-Minimally invasive surgery, which gives surgeons the ability to perform operations with minimal damage to the skin and soft tissues;

-preventive programs of complex medical examinations on the basis of advanced diagnostic methods, including the most complicated laboratory and instrumental imaging studies, fixed diagnostic programs for various organ and whole body systems;

  • -Rehabilitation: specialized rehabilitation clinics and equipment manufacturing enterprises have been established in Germany to meet the needs of rehabilitation patients.A great reputation since the earliest times ensured Switzerland. In this small alpine country, which is the world center of research in the field of pharmacology and medicine, innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies and developments are constantly being introduced and unique medicinal preparations are being created. The pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland has turned to date into one of the world’s largest production of medicines with its own scientific centers.

Treatment in Switzerland, where extremely high (and even by European standards) quality standards are established, guarantee successful results. It is interesting that there is no division into large medical centers and provincial health resorts – in all Swiss medical institutions the level of medical services is absolutely the same. In every canton (note: the canton is an administrative unit) there are state hospitals that are fully complemented by an extensive system of private clinics of various specializations (by the way, their certification is very strict). Doctors work in Switzerland on a clear schedule, and consultations and treatment sometimes have to be negotiated for several weeks, and sometimes even months (you can not shorten the waiting period, because the order is strictly controlled).

The natural and climatic conditions of this small country, located in the heart of Europe, are an additional stimulus to recovery. Switzerland is proud not only of one of the best clinics in the world located here, whose specialists are able to cure serious illnesses, but also crystal clear air and landscapes of fairy beauty. The local sanatoria are very popular, where you can take courses of various medical, general health, cosmetic and rejuvenating procedures. Switzerland is rich in unique thermal springs, warm mineral waters with a very high concentration of active components, effectively used to treat pathologies of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary and nervous systems, as well as post-operation and post-traumatic rehabilitation programs and restore physical tone, immunity and emotional mood.

Particularly in demand in Switzerland are such areas as:

-conservative and surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases;



-psychiatry and treatment of neurotic disorders (borderline states);



-obstetrics, gynecology, reproductology;

-aesthetic medicine, incl. laser therapy, spa-procedures, plastic surgery;

-naturopathic medicine, which has a centuries-old history and traditions (phytotherapy, homeopathy);

-complex, multidisciplinary specialized diagnostics.

A well-developed healthcare system in Austria, which is among the top 10 in the world according to WHO experts. As a center of medical tourism, this country is attractive because there are many internationally recognized clinics and hospitals with modern technologies and advanced, high-quality equipment. In addition, Austria, like Switzerland, is known for its health-improving complexes and rehabilitation centers. Thanks to the unique combination of mild climate (cold, snowy winter and warm, sunny summer), mountain air, natural mineral, thermal springs (salt, sulphide, iodine and radon waters), therapeutic muds of various mineral compositions and well-developed infrastructure, Austria takes Europe ΙΙΙ-место place on the organization of health-improving rest. Professional, competent use of these natural resources has helped Austrian doctors to accumulate a solid experience of balneological treatment of most existing diseases.

In addition to rehabilitation treatment in Austria, other areas of medicine are well developed, including preventive medicine with early diagnosis, emergency medicine or emergency medicine, sports medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology, orthopedics and pharmacology. This country is famous for its drug development programs, comfort and cleanliness of hospitals, small queues and speed of emergency medical care.

The widest range of medical services at very loyal prices provides patients from all over the world with medical facilities in Israel, where, by the way, there are quite a lot of Russian-speaking medical staff, incl. and doctors, which helps to overcome the language barrier between patients and staff of clinics.

The Israeli land has given the world a large number of authoritative, famous scientists, thanks to the achievements of which medical science has advanced far ahead. The contribution of each of them is invaluable for Israeli and world medicine. It is the specialists of Israel who made the fundamental discovery in the field of studying the extrapolar recombination of genes, the method of electrotherapy of the heart was developed, a unique technique of arresting traumatic shock was developed, methods of treating tuberculous meningitis, etc. were opened and thoroughly studied. We can not emphasize that, thanks to the use of innovative regimens, the percentage of people cured of malignant oncology (from cancer) in Israel is now one of the highest in the world.

Israel medicine can be proud of the successful introduction of minimally invasive technologies into the broad medical practice (in particular, the “Da Vinci” complex, with us “Spine Assist”), which significantly reduced intraoperative tissue trauma and the risk of complications. The specialists of Israel have reached unprecedented heights in the field of prosthetics of various joints, in the treatment of various diseases of the cardiovascular system, hematological pathology, in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, ophthalmology and plastic surgery, as well as in the treatment of gynecological pathology and infertility and prenatal diagnosis.

In recent years, medical tourism is gaining momentum in the “country of morning freshness” – in South Korea, where a beautiful tourist infrastructure is created and an excellent comprehensive medical service is guaranteed with the optimal ratio of the price and quality of medical services. Korean medicine today is supernovae technologies and highly qualified specialists with an international reputation in the field of plastic surgery, dentistry, reproductive medicine, complex diagnostics, oncology, etc. Here, research and clinical trials of world significance in the field of early detection and improvement of the treatment effectiveness of various patients, and oncological diseases. In addition, doctors along with advanced methods use to treat their patients and the secrets of traditional Korean medicine.

Within the walls of the best-equipped Korean clinics, all kinds of medical procedures, tests and examinations are conducted. Medical medical diagnostic equipment manufactured in South Korea, use medical facilities throughout the planet. They are tomographs, ultrasound scanners, high-quality surgical lasers, monitoring systems, low-frequency electrotherapy devices, etc.

And, of course, speaking about the possibilities of treatment and examination abroad, one can not help but stop at the USA. Here are the famous clinics and medical centers, where real professionals work extra-class, who are able to cope with the most serious ailments.

In recent years, competition between medical institutions of different states leads to a gradual expansion of the range of offered medical services and the appearance of more profitable offers. Hospitals at the same time improve the quality of treatment and make it more accessible to patients. At the moment, the USA is one of those countries where the prices for medical services are very high, but giving a lot of money for treatment and examination, patients receive the most progressive medical care.

US medicine is now leading in the field of various transplants, especially in the most complex operations: lung and heart transplants. In second place in this country is the treatment of oncological diseases, then there are neurosurgery, orthopedics, cardiology. Undoubtedly, other areas of medicine in America do not suffer from the lack of highly qualified specialists and advanced technologies. In the USA, obstetrics, pediatrics with neonatology, plastic surgery are well developed.

In general, the choice of the country, clinic, and specialist is always individual and is determined by a number of aspects, including the specific purpose of the trip (screening, in-depth examination, treatment, childbirth, rehabilitation), the patient’s well-being (ability to endure a long flight, change in habitual climate, etc .), financial opportunities.

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